The front tractor loader is used for loading all kinds of scattered loads, different kinds of cleaning, poultry farms, stables, roads, forests, loading logs and all kinds of balls, palettes and for loading the rest of materials on larger or smaller farms and construction sites and so on.

Knowledge, experience, willingness for accepting practical advice from our customers then greater demands from future customers are a result of quality, endurance and multifunctional loaders that will make your hard work a game.


  • quality, endurance and quality ending processing;
  • possibility of mounting on all types of tractors with the power from 30 to 170 hp;
  • multi functional and easy working guarantees a great offer of implements and equipment;
  • great offer of control units;
  • Safety valves against overloading
  • high lifting and tilting bucket speed;
  • high lifting power;
  • high precise parallel guidance;
  • EURO change frame for tools, automatic tools locking system without risk of injuries;


Fast hooking to the tractor and unhooking from the tractor with “TUSFix” system;


Connecting front loader into tractor hydraulic system with one move with “H.A.B.S.” system, without any leakage



Comfortable drive with “H.A.V.” system

High visibility

EURO change frame for tools

Parking legs with safety bolts

Shells that keeps the carrying bolt from wearing out

Shells that keeps the carrying bolt from wearing out

Control unit with 4, 6 or 8 function