Rotary mowers are farm machines that are used in horticulture, viticulture, vegetable farming and agriculture. They are used for different kinds of maintenance and cleaning (horticulture, viticulture, olive grove, parks, various roads, forests, fields, meadows, all kinds of grounds) for cutting green mass on the field, before picking the potatoes, onions, turnip, after picking the corn…

Thanks to the-high circumferential speed of the knives and after scissoring the orchards, vineyards or olive-groves, leave all the branches (thickness up to 20 mm ) in the rows, cut them with rotary mower and leave them as the compost.

They are made in the width of 1000 mm, 1300 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm and 2300 mm, and it may be made by the customer’s orders. The height of work is regulated by the rollers at the back side and by the slider at the side, from 25-85 mm. The carrier of the knives has shape of a three-pronged propeller, on which there are three floating knives, because of what we have extremely steady work. Exactly this steady work together with a small mass of the machine is a result where there is needed a minimal tractor power for working with a cutting machine of only 13kw.

There are five basic constructions of rotary mowers:

  • SRMK 100;
  • SRMK 130;
  • SRMK 150;
  • SRMK 150 – P ( with stronger speed increaser for heavier works );
  • SRMKV 150
  • SRMKV 150 – P ( heavy duty mower with great efficiency )
  • SRMK 180
  • SRMK 230.


  • the number 150 marks the width of the grasp (1500 mm), number130 (1300 mm)…;
  • the necessary power of operating vehicle:
  • 13 kW (SRMK 100), 18 kW (SRMK 130),
  • 22 kW (SRMK 150) and 35 kW (SRMK 230);
  • the transferring: PTO shaft with a safety clamp;
  • moving to left and right side and weight:
  • SRMK 100 till 200 mm in right side, 141 kg;
  • SRMK 130 till 350 mm in right side, 195 kg;
  • SRMK 150 till 350 mm in right side, 235 kg;
  • SRMK 150-P till 350 mm in right side, 250 kg
  • SRMKV 150 till 400 mm hydraulically in both sides, 260 kg;
  • SRMKV 150-P till 440 mm hydraulically in both sides, 515 kg
  • SRMK 180 till 270 mm mechanically or 220 mm hydraulically in both sides, 290 kg;
  • SRMK 230 till 270 mm in both sides, 370 kg;
  • three-pronged propeller, on which there are three heavy floating knives;
  • extremely steady and fine work;
  • high working speed;
  • ability to cut onward or backward;
  • ability to be mounted on front or rear hydraulics.


  • roller


  • working width: 60 cm
  • drive: hydraulic motor ( NOTE: when running with tractor pump, same must have at least 30 l/min flow with minimum working pressure of 140 bar )
  • returning with spring
  • accepted for the following rotary mulchers: SRMK 130, SRMK 150, SRMK 150-P, SRMK 180 and SRMK 23