Strojometal Faić d.o.o.



The firm Strojometal Faić d.o.o. was established in late 1986. year. The goal was at that time to offer a service for agricultural machines, processing by separating particles.

Thanks to quality and knowledge, in the year 1990. we have put on the market our first product. Today, behind us is an envious assortment of most various products for agriculture, forestry and viticulture, as are rollers for disc cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, machines for picking onions and potatoes, manure spreaders for farmers and wine-growers, subsoilers with mineral fertilizer depositors, subsoilers, various kinds of elevators, repressor for posts in vineyard, vineyard trimmers, seedbed cultivator…all till our most represented product as our front tractor loaders, rotary mowers and snow ploughs.