Tractor ploughs are designed for mounting on tractors for cleaning and maintaining all soils, concrete and asphalted surfaces.

In our producing program we offer you front and back tractor ploughs.

We produce front tractor ploughs in the width from 1.3 to 3.0 m with mechanical or spring safety system. For better following of the ground the ploughs have a side incline of 15˚. The knife of the plough is made out of high alloyed steel resistant of wear out but it may turn over if it wears out on one side. Lifting and lowering is done with a hydraulic cylinder and the turning of the plough is performed mechanically, or by two hydraulic cylinders, depending on the customers wishes. The plough is controlled from the tractor cabin. The working height is adjusted with the slider or wheel. The mounting of the plough to the tractor may be performed in three ways:

  • mounting plate according to ISO EN 15432:2008, type F1;
  • front tractor linkage;
  • accepts adjusted to wheeled loaders, forklifts, Unimog, and to the other working machines,
  • and other work machines.

Technical specifications of tractor ploughs:

  • blade consists of multiple segments, with spring safety system for each segment;
  • blade material is Hardox 450 or hard rubber, according to the customer wishes;
  • side incline of 15˚ for better ploughing;
  • hydraulically or mechanically turning of the tractor plough;
  • side bumpers;
  • sliders or wheels, according to the customer wishes;
  • maximum ploughing speed up to 30 km/h.

The back tractor ploughs are produced in the same width as the front ones. They are mounted to the bars of the tractor and with them they lift up and lower down. Their working height is adjusted with a slider. The turning is done manually or hydraulically. It is possible to turn it for 180˚ so you can drag or push in both sides.