Side mowing disc

Side discs are mowing machines and their main purpose is mowing around trees, poles, etc. where they significantly speed up and facilitate demanding manual work.

We produce them in widths of 50, 60, 70 and 90 cm.

They are used in vineyards, orchards, for mowing under fences (pastures, yards …), around signal poles by the road, etc.

Their working speeds range up to 5 km / h, the height of the grass can be up to 50 cm and the remains of twigs after pruning can be up to 1 cm thick, which makes them extremely effective.

They can be used as an addition to the mulcher or as a separate attachment on the carrying frame.

Variant on the carrying frame allows the side disc to be moved to the side (mechanical or hydraulic) up to 2.6 m (for 90 cm side disc work) measured from the center of the tractor and can be attached to the front or rear tractor hydraulics.

The side disc is driven by a hydraulic motor and the requirement is that the tractor be equipped with a hydraulic pump of 30 l / min or more.

If the tractor is not equipped with a hydraulic pump of the required flow, it is necessary to install a hydraulic unit to drive the disc.

Returning the side disc after bypassing the obstacle to the working position can be with springs or with the help of a hydraulic cylinder and tentacles.

Working widths:

Equipment combinations:

Carrying frame



Hydraulic sliding of the disc to the side


Hydraulic aggregate for drive disk


Hydraulic tentacle


Tracking wheel


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