They are made out of working parts that have on them selves knives made out of alloy steel, resistent of wear out .The number of knives, working parts depends on the power of the tractor.

The needed power of tractor per working body for depth of cultivating of 50 cm and medium loaded ground is cca 15kw. Proportionally decreasing the cultivating depth, it is possible to increase the number of working parts.

The working width and density of cultivating is determined with replacing the working parts through a supported console.

The purpose of the subsoiler:

  • loosening the track where the tractor passes with machinery
  • loosening the soil close to the root
  • smashing the surface of impervious surface of ground that allows better passing through of water, oxygen and fertilizers into the depth of the soil and simultaneously draining off the over plus of water in the depth when it rains and it makes easier for the humidity to penetrate toward the root during the dryness.
  • if there is installed a mineral fertilizer depositor on the subsoiler, it makes it possible to put the mineral fertilizer close to the root,
  • the roller or the hedgehog are used for adjusting the depth of cultivating and for levelling the ground